Flange Slewing Bearing & Light Slewing Bearing

Flange Slewing Bearing & Light Slewing Bearing, Compared with normal type slewing bearing, the slewing bearings with flange has less weight but the same flexible when rotate, so when the machines have space limit and weight limit, then the slewing bearing with flange is the best choice. when produce this kind of slewing bearing, the key quality control is the run-out of the surface, SWBTEC engineer is with rich experience in such problem, we have keeping received order from German, Spain, Sweden, France customers, this help prove the quality stability.


Features and Benefits of Flange Slewing Bearing & Light Slewing Bearing


Due to the overall deformation of the flanged slewing bearing we produce is very small and the product quality is stable, we often receive repeated orders from old European customers.


We can produce flange slewing bearings that satisfy European customers is because we have mature flange processing technology. Generally speaking, our product raceway hardening treatment is intermediate frequency quenching and the large internal stress generated by temperature difference fusion cannot eliminate internal stress due to the large size of the flange but small cross-sectional area, resulting in excessive deformation.


In order to solve this deformation problem, we adjusted the production process- adjusted the turning stop after quenching, so that the amount of deformation is reduced. Our company has been constantly adjusting the process according to different products to meet the product changes in the market.