Second Sun offers solar lights bulk and solar power system wholesale with consistently high quality. Focusing on innovative design, our outdoor solar lights wholesale are economical, durable, and advanced. For more than 15 years, we specialized in all kinds of solar lights bulk with suitable marketing prices. In recent years, different types of outdoor solar lights wholesale have been welcomed in the market because of the low cost of solar power. We provide various outdoor solar-powered lights for sale, including Integrated Solar Street Light, Half-separated & Separated Solar Street Light,  Solar Power systems, etc. These different types of solar power systems and solar lights wholesale all have the related Certificates: ISO9001, CE, RoHS, IES, TUV IP65/66, MSDS, etc. Moreover, Custom solar lights are also available!  Aiming to produce innovative products, we can provide you with high-quality custom solar lights and solar power system that suit your needs perfectly. Good Solar Light System Prices, Fast Delivery Time, High Quality and Professional Services. Contact us now for our solar-powered lights price!



According to solar light working principle, outdoor solar lights bulk do not require direct sunlight to charge them.  However, solar-powered lights need some form of light to power them.  But this can happen in the absence of sunlight.  So solar light products can be charged with artificial light, incandescent bulbs, or LEDs.


Do Solar Lights Need Sun Or Just Light?


As a professional solar lamp supplier in China, Second Sun is specilized in solar lights products as well as custom solar lights over ten years. We have different types of solar lights such as solar street lights from 5 Watts to 200 Watts, which can meet different projects’ requirments. Our solar lights products have done a lot of projects in different areas of the world. You can find the existence of our custom solar lights in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc.


We have our own enigineer team and can develop and update new solar lights products every three months. In addition, we support OEM and ODM and can also offer custom solar lights for your project according to your project requirement. We will provide you with high quality outdoor solar lights bulk with the best price.


Solar Lights Design


Energy Saving: Sunlight is the main power source of custom solar lights and solar power system, and the energy is inexhaustible;


Environmental Protection: Solar energy is recognized as the most environmentally friendly power in the world;


Safe Solar Lights Design: 12v-24v Low Voltage Power Supply, Stable Voltage, Reliable Operation;


Quick Installation: The Amount of Construction is low and the Installation Process of our outdoor solar lights wholesale is fast;


Wide Range of Applications: Almost no geographical constraints;


Fast recovery of input costs: Low solar lamp prices, One-time investment, no capital protection.



Solar energy could only appear in books or movies for ordinary people in 20 years ago. The solar lamp cost has been widely used in industrial power generation, residential power generation, solar lighting, solar water pumps, etc. in these years.  Maybe you will ask “what is the brightest solar light available, what is the best outdoor solar motion sensor light”, as a professional solar power system supplier  and custom solar power system manufacturer, we are able to offer different types of custom solar lights with competitive solar-powered lights prices and perfect services for customers. We support outdoor solar lights bulk and wholesale and if you want to buy outdoor solar-powered lights, please send your demands to us.


We should pay attention to a few misunderstandings that are easy to make mistakes when we buy solar lamp products, especially to buy some custom solar lights for government projects, Some misunderstandings come from customers’ understanding, and some are deliberately created by people who make wholesale solar lights.


However, the customers mostly will find problems with the solar street lights that they buy, and we listed several misunderstandings when you buy different types of outdoor solar street lamps, and also explained the technical reasons for these misunderstandings, which can help you avoid being cheated by solar-powered lights wholesalers.


Misunderstanding 1: The Solar Lights work well means a good quality of the Product in Solar Power Systems.


When getting outdoor solar lights bulk, there are about 3 key points to judge the quality of the solar lights wholesale: Brightness(lumens), the Lighting Time in the night, and the Cloudy Days & Life Span. The main material that determines the life of solar street lights is the lithium battery. Once the battery capacity is not big enough or the battery is not of good quality, the life span of the solar lights bulk can be no more than one year.


Misunderstanding 2: LED Chip is the most expensive part in solar lights products


The solar light has 4 main accessories: Solar Panel, Battery, Solar Charge Controller, Light Source. It is a component that generates electrical energy by converting solar energy into electrical energy.


The main cost of solar lights wholesale is the Battery and Solar Panel. And the cost of the battery is the most in solar lights. So battery quality is the most important thing for solar lights purchasing. Compared to polycrystalline solar modules, monocrystalline solar modules have higher efficiency and lower production costs than polycrystalline modules. Batteries are the energy storage devices in a solar street lamp system, but solar panel cannot store energy, so the solar lamp goes out immediately when a battery is charging. Lithium batteries have a much longer life and less weight than lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are more expensive for the same amount of energy than lead-acid or lithium batteries.


Misunderstanding 3: LED Quantity=LED Power


The correct conclusion: LED Quantity does not mean the same as LED Power. The LED quantity is a key specification of the solar lights in the description of most solar lights.  Generally, LED chips are divided into three types: 2385 SMD, 3030SMD, and 5050SMD from 0.2W to 5W, and the price of different led chips with a different brands can also be different. So you can find easily that the led quantity can not be the key point of the solar lamp’s power nor does it represent the cost of the solar energy system.


Misunderstanding 4: LED Power = the Brightness


We calculate the brightness by the lumens (lm) but not the wattage because the brightness is decided by the luminous efficacy (lumens per wattage). The LED can generate more lumens per watt (lm/w), it can reach 100~110 lm/w. Different types of LED can generate different luminance efficacy, the best to calculate the brightness is not by LED Power, but by the lumens. It is reminded that the solar light led power is always labeled much higher than the real led power. The key specification is not LED Power but also the luminous efficacy of the whole custom solar lights and solar power systems.


Misunderstanding 5: Solar Panel Sizes = Solar Panel Power


About the solar panels, use monocrystalline solar panel but not the polycrystalline solar panel for the project using solar street lights because monocrystalline solar panels can get bigger power than the polycrystalline solar panel in cloudy days, and the led lighting time in the cloudy day is the key quality for the street lighting. Another reason the size of the monocrystalline solar panel can be 20% smaller than the polycrystalline solar panel in the same power. The outdoor solar lights bulk need to be installed on top of the pole. The smaller weight and size of the solar street lights will make the installation easier and safer.


Misunderstanding 6: Battery capacity is AH


The Battery Capacity is voltage multiplied by AH. Some customers just request the AH of the battery. It is not enough, we also need to know the voltage of the battery. For example, the 12 voltage 30ah battery is a 4 times capacity of 3.2 voltage 30ah battery. Usually, small power solar flood led lights and the small power solar wall lights which are hot sales in Related Platforms are 3.2 voltage system batteries.