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Dinosaur costume are interactive products that can be worn by people for performances. The operators height can be in range of 1.-1.9m meters height. Dinosaur costume can show realistic actions and with strong entertainmet interactivity.


They are eyes catching tools for tourist attractions, events and birthday party. There are cameras and high density screen, so that the operatos can see the external timely and clearly, which is also easy to control.


What Are The Advantages Of Dinosaur Costume Products?

Adults can put on realistic dinosaur costumes, play real dinosaurs, help the owners attract tourists and liven up the atmosphere! Includes the popular Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur costume, Raptor dinosaur costume and other custom dinosaur costumes to match your ideas.All dinosaur costume can be customization according to your requirements.


What Are The Advantages Of Dinosaur Costume Products?

How to Operate Dinosaur Costume?

Trigger the left handle to blink the eyes.


Trigger the right handle to open and close the mouth.


When you trigger the handle, it will automatically start growling.


There are 8 sound files in TF card. 4 is the eye tone. 4 accents.