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Dosing Pump Manufacturer

We provide different dosing pump types and we are always glad to resolve nonstandard and unique tasks. We always take on challenges.


Types of Dosing Pumps For Sale

NEWDOSE can provide you with a wide range of high-quality dosing pumps to meet all your needs. Our featured dosing pumps includes solenoid driven diaphragm metering pumps, motor dosing pumps, ND type mechanical motor dosing pumps, ecodose type mechanical motor dosing pumps, ND electric stroke adjusters.



Dosing Pump Faqs


How to set the pressure of the dosing pump safety valve?

The value of the safety valve should be in the range of the working pressure of the pump, cannot adjust the pressure higher than the max pressure of the pump. If the max working pressure of the pump is 3Bar, the safety valve should be set as 3 Bar, or lower than 3Bar. Over-pressure is one of the reasons that cause the broken of the pump.


What’s the float switch of dosing pump and its function?

The float switch is a very important device to control the liquid level of the tank. The float switch can automatically control the start and stop of the pump according to the variation of required liquid level, with no need of a special person to care about, making operation quite easy.


When the level is lowered, the float sinks, and the contact point inside the switch is closed. This contact point can be used to control the metering pump. For example, it can stop the metering pump 1 and start the metering pump 2. On the other hand, it also can indicate that the cartridge is empty by turning on the alarm/indicator light. And the float switch can be applied to the tank to indicate that the tank is full and to stop the metering pump.


What types of dosing pump do you offer?

NEWDOSE pump has two types, solenoid driven and motor-driven dosing metering pump, the capacity range is 1~6000Lph.


What are the accessories come with the dosing pumps?

For solenoid dosing pump, there are filter, sprayer, connectors, and pipes in the accessory kit.

The motor-driven pumps don’t be equipped with any accessories. It has to choose the other parts according to the installation situation.


How to select a dosing pump?

Confirm the flow rate of the solution (how much liters of the solution should be transferred in one hour?)

Check the main characteristics of the solution, such as corrosivity, viscosity, concentration, and temperature.

Confirm the pressure of the dosing system.

Confirm the suction height.

Check if the dosing system needs any signal control, such as pulse signal, 4-20mA signal, or RS485.


What’s the function of pulsation damper?

To select one proper size of pulsation damper could decrease at least 90% pulse, which makes the liquid flow more stable. Equipped with pulsation damper can help to slow down the accelerated speed of the flow and protect the pump head.


How to adjust the back-pressure valve?

Do not make the pressure value higher than the max working pressure of the pump can hold.

When there is pressure in the suction point, adjust the pressure of the injection point is 1bar higher than the suction point.