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Small Sample Preparation Equipment

In the process of food microbial detection, some samples may be solid, some need filling, and bacterial colonies test needs counting, etc. These operations require some small sample preparation equipment. There are mainly four kinds of related instruments sold by ELEX: homogenizer, peristaltic pump, dispensing pump and colony counter.


The homogenizer is suitable for the sample preparation for microbial analysis of various foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Its original design of crushing board, with hard rubber blade, has stronger crushing ability, shorter crushing time, but more fully sample crushing. This sample preparation equipment can be used in conjunction with our dispensing pump to fully mix diluted samples.


Peristaltic pump is a multi-functional dual-channel pump for precisely transporting liquid. It is suitable for filling and sub-filling various liquids. It is widely used in biochemical, food, environmental protection, medical treatment, colleges and universities and scientific research units for precise sampling, accurate sub-packing and quantitative analysis. It has the advantages of high accuracy, convenient and fast adjustment of loading volume, which simplify laboratory operation and reduce the difficulty of laboratory operation.


Dispensing pump is a kind of sample preparation machine mainly used for automatic dilution of food and other samples. It has small size and lightweight design, with the use of pneumatic liquid delivery mode, which greatly increase the packing speed. Intelligent mode is adopted in the pump, which can set the volume freely and automatically measure the weight of the sample and dilute the sample multiple. The specific dilution ratio will be automatically archived, or the printer can be selected to connect to the computer for data management. The operation is simple and convenient.


Colony counter is suitable for microbial colony technology and calculation. This sample preparation machine can automatically read, record the bacteria number and save image data. It has clear picture quality, high resolution and reliable results. It can also set counting parameters and adjust accuracy by itself which is widely used in environmental sanitation, food safety, medical health, third-party testing and other related industries.