Emergency Light Manufacturers – Portable Emergency Light : Technical Performance

The portable emergency light is a practical and reliable emergency lighting tool. It can be connected to the mains for a long time. When the mains is normal, the battery is charged via the internal charger. When the utility fails or the power is cut off, the battery is supplied to the inverter. Allows the fluorescent tube to illuminate instantly for emergency function. Originally, lead-acid batteries were commonly used for energy storage, and the light source used PLC energy-saving lamps, which can only be used for half a year. At present, the most advanced is the LED lamp with iron-lithium battery, the number of charge and discharge cycles is 2000-5000 times, and it can be used for more than 3-5 years. 12 volt DC input (can be charged by car charger or solar panel)

Secondly, the brightness of the portable emergency light is very high. The household lighting is not too high brightness setting for everyone’s vision. Although some lamps can be adjusted in brightness, the overall brightness will not be adjusted. Very high. The portable emergency light is different. After all, it is used in different occasions. Only when the brightness is high, can it meet the lighting needs.

The technology of portable emergency lights is still improving, and will give you a better experience.

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