Why Should The Emergency Light Be LED?


According to safety regulations, if the route is not obvious, your commercial building must have an emergency exit light indicating the emergency exit door and emergency exit access. But properly installing the exit light is more than just placing it. The emergency exit light needs to operate normally and safely even in the event of failure of all other lights in the building.

  This is why most emergency exit lights are connected to the backup battery power source, which will last for at least a few hours after a power failure or building disruption. In addition to the power supply, you should carefully consider the materials used to build the emergency exit light and the light bulbs that illuminate the sign so that people in dangerous situations can clearly navigate the safe path.

  Although emergency exit lights have been manufactured in many different ways, the most practical lighting solution today is LED diodes. Today,    Emergency Light Manufacturer | Yuyao Linsheng Electrical Company      will discuss three main reasons why LED is a safer and more reliable emergency exit light source.

  1) Improve the safety of the cooling temperature bulb

  Incandescent light bulbs and some gas filled commercial lamps are known to have dangerous heat and are prone to explosion in extreme cases. These types of lights are unacceptable for emergency exit lights, and even if the building is on fire or experiencing a surge, it needs to continue to perform safely.

  Unlike traditional light bulbs, LED diodes shine at surprisingly cool temperatures. If you put your hand on the LED, it may be weakly warm, but it is far less than the burning heat of an old incandescent bulb or a modern halogen lamp. It is almost impossible for people to burn when they touch LEDs, and they don’t explode during a surge, making them a very safe decision for emergency exit lighting.

  2) Minimum power consumption in emergency situations

  Another interesting fact about LEDs is that they require less power than most other lighting sources. Creating light is one of the most energy-intensive uses we use for electricity and LED efficiency, which is why they are touted as the most practical option for homes and businesses trying to save on electricity bills.

  Although you may not be concerned about the electricity bills when a building is on fire, the same low energy consumption means that the LED emergency exit lights can last longer on the backup battery. If the power is off, your LED emergency light will continue to illuminate to keep employees and guests safe for a few hours with a spare battery.

  3) Many years before your next bulb replacement

  Finally, LEDs are not as easy to burn as incandescent lamps and gas tube lamps. In addition to burning at a safe, cool temperature and consuming a small amount of power, LEDs do not need to change for many years. This provides two major benefits for emergency exit lights. First, you don’t have to worry about changing diodes often to keep your building safe. Secondly, the bulbs you install today will still burn in a few years, saving you the need to replace the bulbs compared to other emergency light solutions.


  Does your building require a new emergency exit light or your exit light upgrade? The next time you need to maintain, install or upgrade an emergency exit light, use LED diodes for a safe and long-lasting service. For more information on installing LED emergency lights or upgrading current lights to LED diodes, please contact us today!    Emergency Light Manufacturer | Yuyao Linsheng Electrical Company      is happy to consult on your situation and provide excellent installation options for new LED emergency exit lights.