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ETG12F1 Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge

The Coating Magnetic Thickness Gauge ETG12F1 is a professional tool and at the same time easy-to-use device that is used for accurate measurements of coatings or coatings on various metal surfaces. High dust, gas pollution, changes in humidity and temperature will not stop the operation of this magnetic pull off gauge device. This magnetic paint thickness gauge is designed to not-destructively measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings(including paint, enamel, plastic, epoxy, etc)on iron or steel.


The measuring paint thickness on metal is mainly measured and determined based on this pulling force. Thinner coatings generally have greater magnetic attraction, while thicker film coatings have relatively less magnetic attraction. The magnetic pull off thickness gauge is very sensitive to measuring the surface roughness, curvature, substrate thickness and composition of metal alloys of samples.


Different from magnetic coating thickness gauge, current digital coating thickness gauge  is generally used to measure the thickness of insulating coatings on non-ferrous metal substrates. This method is also a non-destructive measurement method.


As one of the advanced testing and measuring instruments companies, our magnetic paint and coating thickness gauge is durable, simple, cheap and easy to carry, and usually does not require calibration and adjustment. They will be a good low-cost measurement solution.


Feature of ETG12F1 Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge


· Very compact size with integrated probe

· Magnetic induction method (ISO 2178, ASTM D7091), measurement of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates

· Data memory is up to 500 readings.

· Ready to measure immediately without calibration.

· Easy to perform zero-point correction provides correct measurement results for measuring applications with little changes in shape and substrate material.

· The one-point calibration function allows for an adaption in cases of severe changes in shape or substrate material and enables high-precision measurements in selected measurement ranges.

· Statistic function allows for evaluation of a measurement series and display of the most significant characteristic statistical values.


Specifications Of ETG12F1 Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge


Test Method

Magnetic induction

Measuring Range

0-1250μm (0~50 mil)


0~999 μm:0.1μm




101~1250μm:≤ 2.5 %

Data Memory

500 readings


Graphic LCD with backlight

Power Supply

1.5V*3(AAA alkaline batteries)

Operating Temperature



150 * 50.5 * 29 mm


110 g


Thickness gauge, substrate, certification foils set, user manual, manufacturer certificate




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