• $45.84

Faber Deep Protector

Faber Deep Protector 


  • Water repellent deep penetrating sealer that resolves the issue of rising water | humidity

  • The product is easy to apply and will provide outstanding protection for many years

  • It prevents water infiltrations and all the issues caused by high humidity on surfaces

  • 1L will cover anywhere between 10-20 square meters but it can vary from job to job

  • Suitable to use on cotto, terracotta, cement, ceramic and pretty much all patios & paths

  • A non glazing product that allows the surface to breath & ventilate naturally  

  • The product provides great protection on cracked tiles that otherwise would absorb water

  • Many tiling contractors use it to pre-seal tiles before being grouted with cement

  • The product is compatible with surfaces that are exposed to constant water flowing 

  • A highly cost effective deep penetrating sealer suitable for indoor and outdoor sealing

  • Highly appreciated within the power washing and paving resealing trade for its quality