• $22.68

Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent

Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent 


  • 100% deep penetrating waterproofing sealer suitable for all absorbent surfaces

  • It penetrates the surface fully without creating an artificial film over the surface top

  • A solvent based impregnator that will deal with all issues related to constant humidity

  • It will prevent the surface from developing salt stains, mineral marks, algae, mould, etc

  • By not creating a film over the surface top it does not reduce the stones breathability

  • It can be used as a pre-treatment before other types of colour enhancing sealers are used

  • Recommended for sealing surfaces with high absorbency like cotto & concrete

  • 1L of the new Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent will cover close to around 20 sq m | L

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and it can be used on floors and vertical surfaces

  • A ready to use formula that requires no dilution or any kind of special preparation

  • Effective against humidity coming from above and also rising water coming from below

  • The product can be used before grouting to prevent grout residue build up on the tile

  • It does not enhance or change the original look of the surface regardless of colour