• $53.76

Faber Enhancer Plus

Faber Enhancer Plus 


  • Colour enhancer solvent based sealer suitable for indoor & outdoor surfaces

  • Compatible with all compact and non absorbent surfaces like marble and granite

  • It penetrates the surfaces without creating a film over it and it is 100% UV ray safe

  • It leaves a highly durable matt wet look finish that will provide years of protection

  • It dramatically reduces the stone absorbency and it protects against most stains

  • 1L of the new Faber Enhancer Plus will cover around 15-20 sq meters (estimated)

  • The ideal protector for wet areas or outside areas exposed to constant humidity

  • It can be applied with a flat mopping system, a cloth or some kind of applicator

  • Estimate drying time is 1-2 hours. Do not use the floor for about 6 hours after sealing

  • One of the most widely used and highly appreciated surface sealers and protectors