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Feeding Bottle Washer

Give your baby the best start in life with our easy to use bottle & accessory washer. BPA free, safety first!


For parents, when there is a baby at home, they will pay special attention to the baby’s healthy diet. Especially when feeding, the cleanliness of the feeding bottle  is particularly important. With a feeding bottle washer, you do not need to spend time cleaning feeding bottles & its accessories (Bottle Caps and nipples). JEENOW baby bottle washer has the function of washing, drying, sterilizing, and storing in one step. It is portable ,small and easy operation.The feeding bottle washer is also widely used in your baby’s daily life, that can also wash baby food bowls ,toys,pacifiers and breast pumps.


Different Types Of Feeding Bottle Washer


Mini Bottle Washer

Feeding bottle cleaner, portable & small, 4 Bottles & parts; Free installation, 72 hours fresh air antibacterial storage.


Electric Bottle Washer

Multi-Functional electric feeding bottle dryer, BPA free material; Fast washing; Built-in water tank,no hookups needed; 3 programs + Extra drying.


Milk Bottle Washing Machine

Feeding bottle sterilizer and dryer; High temperature (up to 75°C )& high pressure washing; 4 in 1 feeding bottle washing machine; Washing, drying, sterilizing and storing in one unit.


Are Feeding Bottle Washer Safe and Worth It?


Are Feeding Bottle Washer Safe?

The milk bottle washing machine adopts BPA free material, the product also has the function of opening the door and automatically shutting down during operation, and the product has passed a series of safety certifications such as CE/CB/ETL/PSE, so it is safe.


Are Feeding Bottle Washer worth it?

It is worthwhile to have a bottle machine. It not only saves you a lot of time when washing the milk bottles, but also can  dry, sterilize and store the bottle and its parts in one step. Easy operation even for the olders.


How To Clean And Sterilize Feeding Bottle Washer?




After filling the water tank with water, remove the nipple and bottle cap from the bottle, then place them on the holder and shelf for cleaning.




Its 360 degree spraying and 75° (167 F °)high temperature and high pressure washing can effectively remove 99.9% of bacterial without hygiene corners.




After cleaning, the bottles and its parts  will be dry and remains fresh  in an unopened  washer up to 72 hours.