• $133250

Milk Bottle Washing Machine

With a Built-in water tank, installation-free, free to place anywhere you like. The panel is clear, easy to understand, and easy to operate, and even the elderly can also use it.


Automatically stop working when the cover is opened, Flexible shelf can be easily taken. Flexible space adjustment, convenient storage, and cleaning.


Flexible and large space to cope with a variety of baby products. All kinds of bottles can be washed.


Specifications of Milk Bottle Washing Machine




Place settings

Voltage Frequency

Rated Power

Product Dimension(W*D*H)

milk bottle washing machine

4 Settings



300×362×436 mm



Can Milk Bottle Washing Machine Clean Glass Bottle?

Yes, it can wash different types of materials including glass. It can wash feeding bottles of different diameters/heights.