Flaxseed Oil Press Machine

Flaxseed oil can be selected from the raw materials, technology, taste, color to measure whether the oil is pure. With the understanding of the leaching process and pressing method of the oil extraction process, most people choose to use a small oil press to press flaxseed oil at home.

The greatest feature of flaxseed oil is the need for pure physical cold presses. At present, most of the linseed oil in the market is processed and then extracted at high temperature to extract the oil. It is in the interests of the capitalists to increase the yield of oil by squeezing it after frying. However, the high temperature is very harmful to the nutrients in flaxseed oil, and because the manufacturer needs longer time to transport and sell, chemicals such as preservatives will be added to extend the shelf life of flaxseed oil. In this way, the finished flaxseed oil will have no nutritional value.

Flax oil press on the market has matching pans. You have to fry the flaxseed and then put it in the hopper to press. Some of the equipment is too hot, which destroys the important substance, alpha-linolenic acid. It is not suitable to press the pure linseed oil containing pellucid – linolenic acid.

1. Introduced the German molecular temperature control technology, the oil temperature < 45°. It doesn’t need to be refined again, but it can be pressed at low temperatures, preserving the linolenic acid in the flaxseed.

2. Adopting electromagnetic heating technology, flaxseed raw material can be heated evenly without being fried, avoiding nutrient loss caused by overheat;

3. Pure physical ancient press avoids the addition of linseed oil chemical components to extend the shelf life;

4. Intelligent speed motor, adjust the speed according to the size of flax seed, with higher oil output rate and lower temperature.