Sesame Oil Press Machine

Gingelly oil making machine is mainly used for domestic processing. This product belongs to the hydraulic automatic oil extraction machine. the output is not high, but it is simple and convenient. There are hydraulic oil press and screw oil press. The screw oil press is also available in cold press, and the price is relatively low, but the oil output rate is not high. Just like the Rizhongtian’s automatic screw oil press, it was introduced in Korea more than 10 years ago, with the function of vacuum filtration and automatic temperature control. The oil produced is of good quality and smell. What’s more, the oil yield is high. Now it is mainly used for processing in rural areas. It is also used in urban areas to do on-site processing, so that the production is more transparent, making customers more comfortable. It’s good for business.

For a long time, the extraction of sesame oil is mainly a water extraction process. But in the current situation in China, the water extraction process is outmoded. Its efficiency is low. As a new type of press equipment, the screw oil press is gradually replacing the water extraction process to produce sesame oil. The followings are the brief introduction of principle and process of sesame oil press.

The characteristics of sesame oil expeller are to keep the original special flavor of sesame. Heat treatment is crucial in the press process. When pressed, the proper increase of the temperature will be more conducive to the transformation of sesame into thick and fragrant sesame oil. And make it easier to separate the sesamol into the oil. Maintaining flavor should be paid special attention to in the sesame oil processing. Proper temperature adjustment will increase the oil’s aroma degree. But if the temperature is too high, it will lead to black oil color, cake scorch, and other undesirable consequences. Therefore, producers should pay special attention to the control and adjustment of temperature when processing sesame oil. And manufacturers of production equipment also need to further study new processes and technologies.