Metal Printing & Coating Machines And System Automation Solution

RUIYUAN has been a designer and manufacturer of metal printing and coating equipment for over 20 years. we committed to Manufacture Top World Class Products.

As a market and technology leader in China in the field of metal printing, metal coating, and oven equipment manufacturing, RUIYUAN provides total solutions

for metal printing, coating, and drying of metal sheets lines according to customers’ needs and provides customized production services.


Metal Printing

As a global provider of metal printing presses, we are committed to creating plate printing presses with high-quality standards. We retain reasonable prices and efficient service to achieve a superior price/performance ratio.

Aluminum Printing

Tinplate Printing

RYYT 453 Series

RYYT 452 Series


Metal Coating Machine

Metal Coater

Our coating machines, suitable for every applications and run stably and reliably.This machine features in high precision, versatile applications and extended long service life.

RYTB 452B Series

UV Coating Machine


Drying Machine For Metal Printing


RUIYUAN drying system includes Drying oven and UV LED Curing System. They can be integrated directly into the metal printing or coating line. The system can greatly improve the printing speed while ensuring curing efficiency.

Drying Oven

UV Drying

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Clean Air Filtration System

Air Cleaning System

Air cleaning systems from RUIYUAN not only provide for clean air but also make an active contribution to environmental protection. The energy recovered from the air cleaning system is re-used to heat the drying oven.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

Metal Heat Transfer Thermal Oxidation Device(TNV)


Auxiliary Equipment For Metal Decorating And Coating

Auxiliary Equipment

As a system supplier to the metal packaging industry, we offer complete systems to the customer. This includes production lines for the printing, coating, and Auxiliary Equipment.


Pile Turner

Computer to Plate

Wickets for Ovens

Online Monitoring


What can RUIYUAN do?

The full collection of multi-color metal printing, single and double base coaters, steel laminator, and auxiliary devices meet the versatile customer demands and provide wide applications of tinplate and aluminum packages for food, beverage, chemical, household electrical appliance, crafts, toys as well as shells of electronics, automobile, and battery.


What can RUIYUAN do?

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