Freight Elevator

Freight elevators are used to unload and transport materials or goods from one floor to another. Their carrying weight can vary from 2000 to 4500 kg. In most cases, their power source is an electric engine.


Freight elevators only carry elevator operators or forklift operators because they are designed with different safety equipment than passenger elevators. When the elevator is carrying passengers, the elevator doors and related equipment will be modified to ensure a higher level of safety. The freight elevator has a freight door that opens vertically. Many older freight elevators have wooden doors that open manually. These types of elevators can be designed to lift over 20,000 pounds for special purposes. TITANSUHE can design freight elevators to accommodate all speeds and capacities required by the building.


How to Use a Freight Elevator?                   

Freight elevators may have visual indicators that indicate whether the elevator is ready for use. If the elevator floor indicator shows “INUSE”, it means that the elevator cannot move because someone is already using it to deliver goods. Wait for the “INUSE” light to go out, then try to use the elevator yourself.    If the elevator is in use and you try to call the elevator, the elevator will sound an alarm for a short time. Some people close the door by themselves, and some people need to find a freight elevator to deliver it manually.Unlock the freight elevator.If you are in the service area, the elevator is visibly locked and cannot be used by unauthorized passengers. You may need a key or access card to use the elevator.Press the elevator call button.If the elevator is not in use, the freight elevator will be sent to the floor immediately. If placed on the floor, it should be clear through doors and windows.Open the door.Some elevators have electronic doors that open automatically, while others require manual opening. These require pressing the “DOOR OPEN” button next to the call button or physically moving the door with a lever or belt.Move the cargo to the elevator.This could be a box, furniture, vehicle or any other physical object that needs to be transported to another layer.Close the door.The elevator doors remain open until closed. You may need to manually move it into place until the physical door is locked. Alternatively, you may need to press the door close button on the elevator panel.Start the elevator.To do this, select a floor in the Floors panel. This will start the elevator immediately.Open the door.When the elevator reaches the floor, you need to open the door. Some elevators do this automatically, while others require you to press an “open door” button on the panel or physically open the door.Pick up the goods from the elevator.This could be a box, furniture, vehicle or any other physical object that needs to be transported to another layer.Close the door.Once done, you need to close the door manually. Some elevators do this automatically when the next person needs to use it, while others either press the “close door” next to the call button or the physical door. must be closed.               

Basic Precautions for Safe Operation of Freight Elevators                   

The operator must be familiar with the overall structure and performance of the equipment, and the use of ultra-high performance equipment is strictly prohibited.The operator shall not violate the requirements and regulations stipulated in the manual.It is strictly forbidden to move or damage the warning signs or nameplates installed on the elevator.The protection on the machine cannot be removed or modified without permission.