Escalators are stairs that move between floors in buildings and structures to carring people. It consists of a motor-driven chain consisting of individually connected steps on a track that circulates a pair of horizontally fixed tracks.


Escalators are often used in places around the world where elevators are not practical or can be used with elevators. Its main uses are department stores, shopping centers, airports, transportation (railway/stations), convention centers, hotels, arenas, stadiums, public buildings, etc.


Escalator Safety Features                   

Trigger a sensor that automatically shuts off if the component is not in its normal positionSkirt brushes prevent things from being caught by the escalatorArmrest motion detectorStep Consistency MonitoringNo stepper monitorComb plate detectorStep level monitorSkirt switchEmergency stop buttonControlled stop brakeLights underfootYellow Comb FingersRailing guardrail               


Escalator Safety Tips For A Safe Ride                   

Be very careful when steppingMost escalator accidents happen when going up and down the escalator. So be careful and special when going up and down the escalator, especially when you are in a hurry.Try to climb the escalator through the crowd when it is safe to do so. Before stepping on the escalator, check the direction of the escalator carefully. When getting out, don’t hesitate to move your legs immediately. Be careful not to slip on the edge of the escalator.Always hold the handrails while ridingIf you lose your balance while riding an escalator, it can lead to disaster. Therefore, it is wise to hold the railing with one hand, as it will balance the railing as it travels on the escalator. Even if you have luggage, keep one hand free to hold the railing at all times while riding the escalator.Take care of childrenIt is very important to monitor your child while riding the escalator. If your child is too young to ride the escalator, we recommend using the elevator instead of the escalator. Or, if you still need to use it, lift the child with one arm and hold the armrest with the other arm.If your child is old enough to stand on the escalator, try holding your hand as you walk on the escalator. Do not touch under the escalator guardrail or sit on the stairs. Loose clothes worn by children can get entangled when sitting on an escalator. This can lead to serious accidents and serious injuries to children.Escalators are for humans, not trolleysIf you have pedestrians, strollers, wheeled trolleys, luggage trolleys, etc., we recommend that you do not use the escalator. Riding can cause imbalances and serious injuries to you and other passengers. In this case, it is recommended to use the elevator even if the waiting time is long or the route is long.Pay attention to clothesIt is very important to take care of your clothes when riding the escalator. We recommend that you always wear proper clothing. However, if you are wearing loose clothing, keep it away from the sides to prevent it from getting caught in the machine.Also, wear tight shoes and avoid shoes such as crocodile leather and flip-flops. This is because footwear made of flexible materials such as rubber and resin can affect the grip of the stairs and increase the chance of an accident.Press the emergency stop button when in painNo amount of care can rule out the possibility of an accident. Therefore, it is important to know the position of the emergency stop button before getting on the escalator. You can also warn your colleagues to press a button in the event of an accident.