Full body laser hair removal

The best diode laser hair removal machine is effective in removing unwanted body hair permanently and avoids the adverse effects associated with traditional hair removal techniques. Laser hair removal is not recommended for people with allergies or a history of keloid scars. It is important to prepare for laser hair removal treatment as there is a risk of painful skin or adverse reactions such as localised redness or hyperpigmentation after treatment. Bvlaser is the best laser hair removal machine brand, we have portable laser hair removal machine for sale.

Preparation for laser hair removal treatment

1. Anesthesia

Generally no anaesthesia is used, surface anaesthesia can be used for those who are sensitive to pain.

2. Preparation before laser hair removal

For patients with darker skin type III to V, avoid sun exposure as much as possible before the best permanent laser hair removal machine treatment, preferably with sunscreen for 4 to 6 weeks, and add hydroquinone drugs to prevent hyperpigmentation. The treatment area must be prepared and the hair thoroughly shaved. This is because visible hairs can damage the epidermis due to the high heat caused by laser cautery and can also lead to irreversible damage to the laser guide and cause an unpleasant odour, but mechanical plucking or waxing should not be used.

Laser hair removal contraindications

1. Infection in the treatment area or a history of herpes simplex infection.

2. Hypersensitivity to hydroquinone or other bleaching agents.

3. Patients who have had hair removal by other means within 6 weeks.

4. History of keloid scars.

Laser hair removal treatment steps

Broad steps of laser treatment: ①Power on and preheat the best medical laser hair removal machine. ②Prepare the treatment area: shave the hair and clean the area to remove grease and dirt before treatment. ③ Set the treatment parameters and carry out a trial treatment. ④Obtain the best parameters and complete the whole treatment. ⑤ Explain about post-treatment precautions.

Complications after laser hair removal treatment

Side effects of laser hair removal treatment are rare. The most common skin reactions include pain, temporary erythema and perifollicular oedema, and more severely, blister formation, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation; scarring is rare.

Post-treatment care after laser hair removal

1. Scattered redness and oedema will appear in the hair removal area after treatment. In severe cases, ice can be applied to the treatment.

2. Take care to keep the area clean and out of the sun after laser hair removal treatment.

Precautions for laser hair removal

1. The patient’s past medical history should be carefully questioned prior to laser hair removal treatment.

2. Proper eye protection should be provided before treatment, including the patient, the operator and the observer in the treatment room.

3. The spot should be tested on an inconspicuous area at the beginning of the treatment before the full treatment is carried out.

4. The dose of treatment should be appropriate.

5. Continuous use of cooling measures during treatment.

6. Prevent trauma infection and take oral antibiotics if necessary.

7. If pigmentation occurs after treatment, local sun care may fade or subside after a few months, and topical hydroquinone cream may be used if pigmentation does not subside.

After full body laser hair removal treatment to do a good job of care to prevent side effects, good skin cleaning and sun protection to help prevent skin inflammation and pigmentation, laser hair removal will appear after the phenomenon of temporary pigmentation, generally after normal care will disappear in a few months.