Graphite Block

Graphite block, as the name suggests, refers to block graphite. It is a kind of artificial graphite, which is made of coke products by artificial heating and other processes. Because of its structure, carbon graphite block has the following properties: high-temperature resistance, conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubricity, chemical stability, plasticity and thermal shock resistance.


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High Purity Graphite Block

High purity graphite block, also known as molded graphite, means that the carbon content of graphite is>99.99%, which has excellent characteristics such as good conductivity, thermal conductivity, oxidation resistance, low resistance coefficient, high purity, self-lubricating, thermal shock resistance, isotropy, and easy processing. It is widely used in aerospace, solar photovoltaic and semiconductor, continuous casting, cemented carbide and electronic mold sintering, EDM, glass, machinery, energy, and other industries.


Electrolytic Graphite Block

The anode of electrolytic graphite electrolysis often oxidizes the anions in the solution into simple substances or other high valence states.


Graphite Block For Vacuum Furnace

The application of Graphite Block For Vacuum Furnace in vacuum furnaces greatly simplifies the design and manufacture of vacuum furnaces, reduces the consumption of metals such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, and stainless steel, reduces the cost, improves some properties of vacuum furnace and expands the application range of vacuum furnace.


Application of graphite block in metallurgy and casting production


Graphite block is an industrial graphite product obtained by deep processing of graphite electrodes! Here is a brief introduction to the application and precautions of graphite block in powder metallurgy and metal casting:


The use of graphite block in powder metallurgy is mainly in the sintering link. The raw materials are put on the graphite block and melted different metals through high temperatures in the sintering furnace or vacuum furnace. Due to the high-temperature resistance and oxidation resistance of graphite block itself, it can meet the requirements of the powder metallurgy industry. Graphite welding block can be used repeatedly, which can save economic costs for customers!


Let’s talk about the use of carbon graphite blocks in the foundry industry. The metal can be heated in a graphite crucible to 1500 ℃ and become liquid. At this time, the graphite mold casting method can be used to cast the required industrial products. Graphite mold casting is simply that graphite mold casting is similar to metal mold casting. It has good thermal conductivity and thermochemical stability. Casting tin bronze and aluminum iron bronze with graphite mold can overcome the casting defects such as shrinkage, porosity, and pinhole, and improve the mechanical properties.


Application of graphite block in metallurgy and casting production

How to distinguish the quality of graphite block


Preparation method of graphite block