Hey abby Grow Box

Quality Guaranteed

30-day return

1-year warranty

Up to 6.5oz yield every three months

No assembly needed

1-to-1 customer support

Zero experience required

Best-in-class LED lighting system (Samsung LM301H)

Share and learn through a passionate growing community


Anyone Can Grow

Any Strain

Our climate-controlled grow box doesn’t require any new skills or knowledge. Hydroponic technology and environmental simulators combine to create an automated plant growing system that anyone can use.


Anyone Can Grow


This complete indoor grow system uses a sleek and natural design, which blends into all environments and provides discreet privacy. Compact build requires 2ft² of space and arrives already assembled.


Anyone Can Grow


Enjoy 1-on-1 support whenever you need assistance. Join our community, where like-minded growers connect, share and reward one another.