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B & B

Beijing, China

Beijing Slow Mob Park Tangu Community Wild Luxury Camp

Winter Tent Camping

3 sets of Changju Hotel tents


Jingxi Treasure Park, Tangu Town Wild Luxury Camp. Borrowing the scenery from Xishan Mountain, landing in the park, blending in with everything in the world, redefining the concept of wild luxury, with “wild” as a different meaning, which means to reorganize oneself and start again; “Luxury” means abundance, which means to fill up time and energy, and to find the sparkle of life in viewing mountains and enjoying things. There are three wild luxury campsites, named Zhenxingxuan, which are “Ziwei” tea restaurant, “Xuanji” parent-child suite and “Yuheng” double suite. It not only has the facilities of an exquisite luxury hotel, but also can experience the fun of wild camping, truly interpreting the wildness of nature and luxury of quality.