Cashless Payment Box

Want to boost further the productivity, sustainability, and profitability of your business? Cashless Payments must Have a place in your business! PayBlox’s cashless payment box with a full-featured mobile app can reduce your IoT connectivity deployment time by 10x.


With the help of IoT software tracking consumption in real-time per machine, location, and customer, PayBlox’s cashless payment control boxes help merchants, vendors, retailers, and offline businesses have a seamless payment flow and increase revenue and profits.


Types of Cashless Payment Box

By combining the function of scanning code and swiping IC card, the concept of cashless payment can be better withdrawn.


Allow you to award your customers bonus dollars for adding value to their loyalty account.


Utilizing the integrated loyalty “wash card” programs will help you attract new business and encourage loyalty with your current customer base.


Laundry Cashless Payment Box

PayBlox cashless payment boxes for laundry are the best solutions to upgrade your laundromats with minimum cost.


Coffee Machine Cashless Payment Box

Recognizing as an intelligent time controller of smart connected devices, the PayBlox coffee machine cashless payment box is designed to control the consumption time of coffee machines.


Water Dispenser Cashless Payment Box

PayBlox Cashless Water Payment Box is the latest IoT payment solution. By being embedded in the water dispenser, the cashless payment function of the IoT water dispenser can be realized.


Cashless Payment Box For Charger

Our IoT Payment Box is the perfect charging payment solution, which allows you to accept all primary payment methods.


Other Cashless Payment Box

As long as you want your device to realize cashless payment function, you can buy our PayBlox Cashless Payment Box. PayBlox Cashless Payment Box can control the usage time and power of your device.


Applications of Cashless Payment Box


PayBlox employs the smart payment control box to avoid complexity with one SIM, cloud platform, and IoT network!


PayBlox’s secure, simple, and fast mobile payment solution ensures you can use QR codes to create a seamless consumer experience that drives more sales to your business.


Consumers can complete payment by scanning the QR codes on your machines and paying any way they like, using credit/debit cards, Paypal, and mobile wallets.