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Descriptions of HF/NFC RFID Inlay


Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is a form of wireless communication that uses radio waves to identify and track objects.


Near Field Communication (NFC) is a contactless communication technology based on a radio frequency (RF) field using a base frequency of 13.56 MHz. NFC technology is perfectly designed to exchange data between two devices through a simple touch gesture.


With a wide selection of antenna choices and protocols, DTB HF tags and inlays offer great application flexibility and fit-for-function design in the most demanding applications.








ISO/IEC 14443A  ISO 15693


Key Advantages

ISO 9001:2008



100% Quality Tested  Flexible MOQ


Custom HF RFID Inlay Options


Materials of NFC/HF RFID Inlay

Antenna material: Aluminium foil

Base material: PET


Dimension Options of NFC/HF RFID Inlay

MIFARE Series Chips: φ18/22/25/28/30mm, 11*26/22*35/15*52/45*76mm, etc.

NTAG Series Chips: φ12/18/23/25/35mm, 8*18/11*26/15*15/32*32/45*76mm, etc.

ICODE Series Chips: φ22/25/35/45/110mm, 11*26/15*15/15*52/45*45/45*76mm, etc.

Other sizes will be available base on customization.


Reading Distance of NFC/HF RFID Inlay

1-5cm(depending on readers)


Data Endurance of NFC/HF RFID Inlay

More than ten years


Protocol Chip Options of NFC/HF RFID Inlay