• $5

QY-BR200 HF RFID Bluetooth Reader


1. Bluetooth communication interface, battery-powered and rechargeable.

2. Support the work of the high-frequency band 13.56 MHz.

3. Comply with ISO/IEC14443 A/B, ISO/IEC15693 international protocol standards.

4. Support a variety of contactless smart cards and electronic tags, CPU cards, etc. of different chip types in the 13.56MHz high-frequency band.

5. Can read and write MIFARE S50/S70, Fudan FM11RF08, MIFARE Ultralight/UL C, NFC NTAG tags, I CODE 2/I CODE SLI/SLI S, Fujitsu chip MB89R112A anti-metal tags, etc.

6. Bluetooth HID read-only UID card number.

7. Built-in card reader antenna, the card reading distance can reach 3 ~ 7cm(depending on the size of the tag).

8. With LED and BUZ for working status display.