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Himalaya G12 Series

Bifacial Double-glass HJT Solar Module


Main Features of Himalaya G12 Series

N-type 210mm HJT Solar Cell


Power Output Range: 615W to 720W


Module Efficiency Range: 21.89% to 23.19%


15-year Product Warranty


30-year Performance Warranty


bifacial panel solar

Power Output: 615W-635W


Module Efficiency: 21.73-22.44%


Module Dimension: 2172*1303*35mm


Module Weight: 35.3kg


HS-210-B120DS 

700w solar cells

Power Output: 680W-720W


Module Efficiency: 21.89-23.19%


Module Dimension: 2384*1303*35mm


Module Weight: 38.7kg


HS-210-B132DS 


Applications of G12 Series

Huasun HJT Solar Module

Weifang 50MW Agrivoltaic Project