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How to Choose High Speed Door?

The fast rolling shutter door refers to the door with the running speed of more than 0.6 meters per second. It is a barrier free isolation door with rapid lifting. Its main function is to quickly isolate, so as to ensure the dust-free level of the air quality in the workshop. With the rapid rolling shutter door widely used in various industries, there are more and more fast door manufacturers and brands on the market. In this regard, how many skills do you know about the selection of fast rolling shutter door?


how to choose high speed door


Tips for choosing high-speed roller doors:

1. Whether the PVC rolling shutter is an electric fast door or not, and whether it can be powered off manually can open the fast-rolling shutter door quickly even when the power is off.


2. The electric performance of the fast-rolling shutter door can not exist in the situation of inertia sliding, so the limit of the fast-rolling shutter door will be more stable, and the probability of failure will be much smaller when used.


3. In order to improve the smooth running speed and degree of PVC fast rolling shutter door, the pulling force should be enhanced.


4. Observe the precision of the structure of the fast-rolling shutter door, the degree of lubrication, the heat dissipation of the motor and parts, as well as the production, installation and after-sales links of the manufacturer. So as to ensure the use of fast-rolling doors without worry.