Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine


Hydraulic shearing machine is the sheet metal industry under the cutting tool, widely used in industrial machinery, metallurgical industry, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical appliances, engineering equipment, sheet metal processing, steel pipe welding, electronic industry, aerospace industry, agricultural machinery manufacturing, dining furniture machinery industry.

Details of Hydraulic Metal Shearing Machine

1. The streamlined design originated from the EU, the machine frame is a whole through overall welding and annealing treatment.

2. Reliable Germany Rexroth integrated hydraulic system and hydraulic transmission; the design can effectively reduce problems caused by leakage of hydraulic fluid.

3. Hydraulic swing beam shearing machine is one kind of equipment by swinging the upper blade to the shear plate with smaller shearing angle and distortion, improving shearing quality.

4. Backgauge is adjusted by a high-precision ball screw driven by E21S controller, during the process frequency converter prevents positioning device horizontal swinging, significantly improving positioning accuracy.

5. A light aligning device, convenient for manual operation; pressure cylinder with a built-in spring mechanism and bottom end furnished with a special material gasket to prevent aluminum or other soft materials from being imprinted.

6. Made by high-quality alloy tool steel, the machine can meet the requirements of impacting load and high wear resistance when working.

7. Light and practical cantilever referring to man-machine engineering design, easy NC operation interface with features of high precision and more comfortable.

8. The worktable adopts the rolling steel ball to reduce the frictional resistance, protect the workpiece surface; novel protective devices complying with safety specifications: protecting the operator’s personal safety; ingenious design: petty material can be cutter easily.

9. The front material supporter is equipped with Perpendicularity and positioning regulator to ensure the cutting accuracy, easy operation, practical and efficient.

10. Rapid adjustment mechanism for rearranging blade clearance, simple operation by hand and adjusting steplessly.