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Smart Logistics Solutions


IPLUSMOBOT’s smart logistics solutions improve the logistics efficiency and non-defective rate of enterprises, realize dynamic order management and flexible production time, and help enterprises achieve further growth in the era of Industry 4.0. By thoroughly restructuring the distribution line, we have gained competitiveness in the new era without being bound by restrictions on personnel and equipment.


Application Industry

Robotics And Automation In Logistics

Lithium Battery

Semiconductor Robots

Semiconductor & FPD

Robots Electronics

3C Electronics

Pallet Robots

New Energy Industry

Robots in the Automotive Industry

Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

Delivery Robots in Hospitals

Pharmaceutical And Medical Equipment

Amr In Manufacturing

Ordinary Manufacturing Industry


User Example

Lithium Battery

Semiconductor & FPD


PV & Li-ion Battery

Transportation Equipment

Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment

Ordinary Manufacturing Industries


Logistics Robots

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Robotics and Automation in Logistics

How Digital Logistics Drives Manufacturing Factory of Heavy Trucks to Raise the Productivity


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