Induction Heating Machines In Agricultural Equipment

In the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, there are a large number of parts manufacturing. During the manufacturing process, a large number of parts require hot forging, hot bending, and heat treatment. While JKZ’s induction heating equipment with low-frequency (1-20KHZ) is suitable for the forging heating, JKZ’s ultrasonic frequency and high-frequency machines (20-100KHZ) are more suitable for conducting the surface induction hardening treatment. And these applications can already be seen at various production sites. JKZ also focuses on agricultural machinery manufacturing, the forging of parts, the hot bending treatment of various structural parts, the quenching and tempering, and other heat-treatment processes.  As long as JKZ’s induction heating equipment can participate, we always want to provide you with the best quality products. We have rich experience in various parts manufacturing, heat deformation and heat treatment. With the advantages of high automation, accurate power and temperature control, and heating depth control with the help of a CNC system, we believe through the efforts of JKZ, you can always get a solution that is suitable for you.