Industrial Application Of Polymers


ATP Relying on the strong scientific research strength, the accumulation of global application cases, the intelligent manufacturing ability, and the quality control ability to fully meet the requirements of Iso9001: 14001. The industrial application of polymers is widely used in 5G communications, new energy vehicles, medical equipment, robots, building wiring, mass transit, military aerospace, intelligent wear, automotive, and other hot areas.


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EV Charging Cable

ATP specialty compounds on EV charging cable have started research and development for new energy electric vehicles since 2015. Our product meets the operation of charging pile cable under various climatic conditions. Its products and technologies have served well-known companies manufacturing vehicles, such as Tesla, BMW & Xpeng, etc.


Industrial Cables

Global Supplier of Flame Retardant Halogen Free Materials

Robot Control Cable,

Military & Aerospace Cables,

Ocean & Water Floating Cables,

Medical Equipment Cable,

Alternative Energy and Mining Cable,


Communication Optical Fiber

A leading provider of Polymer solutions to the China’s communication optical fiber wire & cable markets

Communication Optical Fiber,


Network Cable

A leading Manufacturer in China Optical Fiber Wire and Cable Market

ATP For CPR Optical Fiber Jacket,