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Inverter Heat Pump Heating + Cooling


Inverter heat pump heating and cooling system adopts advanced DC frequency conversion technology, which automatically adjusts the running speed of the compressor and the motor according to the change of the outdoor temperature, and meets the temperature demand of different rooms. The greatest advantage of the inverter heat pump is that the outdoor machine does not stop. When the indoor temperature reaches the specific value, the outdoor machine runs in low frequency. Compared with the general heat pump, its regulating load range is larger.


DC inverter heat pump has two modes, that is, cooling and heating, which brings comfortable experience to the users. The temperature of the water is just right, the water won’t blow hot and cold, you can totally enjoy yourself. Wherever there is underfloor heating, you can enjoy the warm and comfortable experience brought by the underfloor heating, and the temperature in each area of any room is basically the same, ensuring that the indoor temperature remains at 21 ℃.


Temperature Compensation:

The heat pump heating system follows the outdoor environment temperature changes and indoor heat loss changes to make temperature compensation and automatically adjusts the temperature of the water,so that the indoor temperature is kept at 21℃, ensuring the comfort of the human body.


Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction:

In order to reduce the noise value to a lower level, the damping is attached to the bottom of the unit, the damping absorbs and obscures the vibration. The unit does not contact directly with the ground to ensure that the unit can operate with low noise. The compressor is covered with special sound insulation material and is separated alone to realize multiple drop design, the noise can be reduced as low as 56 decibels, which helps you go to your dreams in the comfortable and quiet environment.


Intelligent Defrosting:

In order to avoid the decrease of thermal performance caused by frosting, we use pressure slip defrosting technology to detect the changes of outdoor temperature and heat exchange temperature so as to improve defrosting efficiency and save electric energy, and avoid the decrease of thermal performance caused by frosting.


The unit adopts multiple antifreeze protection mechanisms to monitor the temperature of the environment and the temperature of the water in real time so as to avoid the occurrence of the freezing and water leakage of the water pipe, and ensure the stable operation in any environment, without affecting the life.


Power-off Memory, Self Start with Electricity: In summer, there are electricity restriction and voltage instability in some cities. When a power failure occurs, the machine automatically preserves the operation state before the power failure. After the power is restored, the saved operation state before the power failure is automatically read.