JAYUAN EV/Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

There are normally two types of EV charging cables. One of ev charging cable types is Mode 2, which means it is a portable single-connector with a controller board and plug; The other one of electric vehicle charging cable types is Mode 3, which appears it has a double-connector that can fit mostly charging demands. If you want to buy ev charging cable, please contact us-the ev charging cable distributor.


Types of EV Charging Cables

Type1 Portable EV Charging Cable

Type2 Portable EV Charging Cable

Type1 EV Charging Cable

Type2 EV Charging Cable

Type2-Type1 EV Charging Cable

Type2-Type2 EV Charging Cable


FAQs of Jayuan Electric Car Charging Cable

Q:What Are The Advantages Of Jayuan EV Charging Cable?

1. Customized Color Optional.


2. Advanced TPU Cable Material (Well Performed at Low Temperature, Thinner, Smaller Outside Diameter and longer lifespan).


3. IP55 Grade Waterproof (Operating) Better than IEC Standard of IP44.


Q:Is Jayuan EV Charging Products Reliable?

The European market has received thousands of EV Charging Products from Jayuan. Its awesome quality and the competitive price strength our values.


JayuanSolution, as it spoke, always offering a whole system of solutions but just selling.


Q:What Does These Standards Mean?

The EV Charging Standards are not achieve unified at present. The EV Charging Products divided themselves into about 3 standards – U.S. Standard(SAE), EU Standard(IEC), CN Standard(GBT).