JAYUAN EV Charging Products

Jayuan EV Charging Products is the main branch of Jayuan Solution. It is an organized lineup of marketing channel and technique service.


Jayuan EV Charging Solution provides a series of EV products including:


Portable, Mobile EV Charging Box; Safe, fast, easy EV Charging Station; SAE, IEC, GBT type EV Charging Cable (With advanced TPU cable material) and their additions like Adapter, Socket, Electronic Lock. They are suitable for mostly top automakers who produce EV Vehicles.


Our markets of EV products are around North America and Europe. So we have gained common certificates like CE, TUV, ROHS for most our products; with our business expands more countries, other certificates also are under applying to meet our clients’ needs.


Types of EV Charging Products


EV Charging Cables

JAYUAN EV Charging Cable is equipped with great TPU Cable Material, which makes it thinner, Low-temperature area tolerance, and much longer lifespan. Special Internal waterproof design keeps electric away. Ergonomic Design but no lack of nice holding experience.

 Type1 Portable EV Charging Cable

 Type2 Portable EV Charging Cable

 Type1 EV Charging Cable

 Type2 EV Charging Cable

 Type2-Type1 EV Charging Cable

 Type2-Type2 EV Charging Cable


JAYUAN EV/Electric Vehicle Charging Adapter

JAYUAN EV Charging Adapter keeps Ergonomic Design Concept and Skid Resistance, making hand holding a good experience, and easy to plug in and off. Optional Color Matching, OEM and LOGO can’t be befitting more.