• $14

Large 4 Baldes Stove Fan

This one comes with two different upper brackets. It has become popular since 2019, and the annual sales increase by 60-70%. The air volume is large, quiet, and very stable.


Features of Large 4 Bales Stove Fan

Large Wind volume


Low Starting Temperature


Solid Base Retains Heat to Power your Fan


Suitable for Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves.


Almost Silent Operation


Specification of Large 4 Blades Stove Fan

Size L180*W100mm*H185mm

Low starting temperature 50℃

Optimum operatig temperature range 80-250°C(176 – 482°F)

Burning Fuel 17% cost savings

CFM 230-250

Running RPM >1100RPM

Customer packaging design ≧1000pcs.