Kitchen Storage Rack

The knife holder with disinfection function, through high-temperature drying of residual water droplets, all-round ultraviolet sterilization, so that the knives/forks/spoons & chopsticks that come into contact with food every day are kept dry and sterile, mildew and dirty, and prevent secondary food contamination and into. All kinds of kitchen cupboard racks can be used in the kitchen to providing you an intelligent life.


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Types of Kitchen Storage Rack for Sale

Kitchen Knife Holder

Kitchen Knife Holder

UV disinfection

Smart touch, cycle sterilization

304 Stainless steel

Easy storage

Detachable design, easy to disassemble

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Bowl & Chopsticks Storage Rack

Bowl & Chopsticks Storage Rack

One-click start, bid farewell to mold

Using ultraviolet rays to destroy the bacterial structure of microorganisms

Smart care kitchenware, prevent diseases from entering the mouth

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Advantages of Kitchen Storage Rack

UV sterilization

UV disinfection


Timed disinfection

Smart touch


304 stainless steel

304 stainless steel


Easy storage

Easy storage


Ventilate and drain

Removable and easy to clean


Clean and hygienic

Clean and hygienic


Vertical storage rack kitchen

Stainless steel kitchen rack design is novel, using food-grade stainless steel material. Ability to support advantages in long-term use. It is not easy to corrosion, nor is it easy to rust and wear. The product has the functions of water drainage and disinfection, which can quickly improve the storage environment and prevent the invasion of bacteria. The kitchen belongs to wet, alkaline, oil-stained areas, and some countertops and cabinets of wooden, copper and aluminum alloy products, which are easy to be corroded, contaminated and moldy, while stainless steel products have strong corrosion resistance.


Why choose multifunction kitchen storage rack

Now the design of the kitchen storage rack is becoming more and more advanced. The multi-layer style non-embroidered steel storage rack can place dishes on the upper layer and porcelain bowls on the lower layer. After cleaning, vertical dishes can quickly drain water. Transparent ventilation interval allows kitchen utensils to dry water stains faster, so that furniture remains fresh for a long time. This shelf is cleverly equipped with J-shaped hooks and small bobbins to maximize the storage of chopsticks and spoons.

Bosheen’s storage rack is this kind of practical and space-reducing kitchen storage rack, which fully allows the shelf to store more items, which is very convenient to use, and the double-layer thickened non-embroidery is very resistant to attack, prolonging the service life of the product. The use of stainless steel storage shelves in the kitchen can make you more labor-saving and more at ease, and it is necessary to spare a few more. If the space is not enough, you can also choose the pendant on the wall, which can not only avoid the dirt of water stains, but also avoid the occupation of space. Hanging up in this way is conducive to the drying of articles and reduce the growth of bacteria.


Selection of kitchen storage hanging rack

Many people feel confused when choosing kitchen shelves and don’t know which one to choose. In fact, the kitchen shelves should be selected according to the actual situation at home. First of all, according to your personal preference, you can first consider whether to choose vertical or hanging. Secondly, according to the number of dishes and seasoning bottles that are often used at ordinary times, and then consider what size shelves are needed to put these items down. Generally speaking, the height of kitchen shelves are 600 mm and 500 mm, and the height of people who use the kitchen at home should be fully considered to facilitate access to items.


Material of kitchen storage containers rack

There are three commonly used materials for kitchen shelves: aerospace aluminum, stainless steel and wood. They are all characterized by light weight and strong load-bearing capacity. Bosheen focused on  stainless steel kitchen storage containers racks.  

The mode of production of stainless steel is relatively simple. It can make all kinds of shapes according to the demand. But it is easy to oxidize, so we need to pay attention to how to preserve it properly. In terms of material, it has 201, 301, 304, 315, 410 kinds. 201 is not recommended, it is relatively low-grade and easy to rust. When buying, we must pay attention to buy all stainless steel, including foot posts and bases, if you buy accessories are iron, it will be easy to rust, not easy to maintain and use.


Kitchen racks and storage ideas

Unique structure. From the current stainless steel rack design, its own structure is more unique, more dexterous, the shape is also very special. Taking into account the needs of users, the stainless steel rack is easier to load and unload, and the open design increases its own use efficiency.

Use firmly. Stainless steel shelves have more sturdy characteristics in use, which has become an ideal choice for many home decoration. Stainless steel material is after a professional process treatment and collocation, so that the function of the cabinet itself has a good play, support for more long-term use, stability is guaranteed.

Good anticorrosion. The anti-corrosion performance requirements of the shelves in the kitchen are relatively high. Stainless steel itself is the representative of the material with strong anticorrosion, which can support giving play to its advantages in long-term use. It is not easy to corrode, nor is it easy to rust and wear, so it has become an ideal choice for kitchen utensils today.

Easy to install. Stainless steel rack can save space to a certain extent, so it has become an ideal choice for many users in kitchen decoration. And with the stainless steel design, the installation of the rack is more easy and convenient, and it can be considered directly according to the size of the kitchen space and the pattern design, there is no complicated process, and it can be classified and installed directly according to the kitchen utensils, thus realizing the complete kitchen function.


FAQ about Kitchen Storage Rack

FAQ about Kitchen Storage Rack

What material is the kitchen disinfection machines?

Food grade 304 stainless steel&PP

How to power the kitchen sterilizer? How long can the battery last?

Match the USB data line to charge directly;

What are the advantages of kitchen disinfection machines?

1. Intelligent touch control, ultraviolet cycle sterilization, deep antibacterial;

2. Easy storage

3. Easy to clean

How long can the battery last?

Charging for 3 hours, battery life 60 days