FPR 10P384S LFP280Ah

FPR 10P384S LFP280Ah

20ft BESS Container

FPR is proud to introduce BESS container, a revolutionary product that is transforming the way we store and manage energy. Our BESS container is a self-contained unit that houses lithium storage batteries for solar power, a battery management system (BMS), an energy management system (EMS), and other components required to store and manage electrical energy. This makes it a versatile and scalable solution for a wide range of applications.


Our BESS container is designed for easy transportation and deployment, making it ideal for both temporary and permanent installations. It can be easily stacked and combined to increase overall storage capacity, making it suitable for large-scale projects. Safety is paramount at FPR, and our lithium ion battery storage container is equipped with advanced safety features, including fire suppression systems and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. This ensures the long-term reliability and protection of your energy storage system.


We have optimized our BESS container to provide exceptional value for money. Its high energy density and long lifespan translate into lower storage costs per unit of energy stored. This makes our lithium battery for energy storage container an attractive investment for businesses and organizations seeking sustainable energy solutions.


Highlights of Lithium Ion BESS Container FPR 10P384S

large home battery storage system safety & quality

solar panel lithium battery storage system capability & capacity

solar power home battery storage system reliability & longevity

Safety & Quality

LFP Cells (48/52 per pack) with intelligent BMS;


UL 1973/ 9540A/ 9540 certified;


Advanced fire suppression system


Gallery of lion sanctuary lithium energy storage system Container FPR 10P384S

battery charger module 12v

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