KRD30 Constant Acceleration Tester (Box Type)

KRD30 series constant acceleration tester is a box-type structure centrifuge-type testing machine with the characteristics of reliable operation, convenient maintenance, multiple functions, and easy control and adjustment. It is applicable to provide a test of structural integrity for electronic components, small components, and other electrical and electronic products whether the structure adaptability and performance are in good condition when subjected to forces produced and the satisfactory performance of components, products, by steady-state acceleration environments (other than gravity), such as occur in moving vehicles, especially flying vehicles, rotating machine and projectiles. KRD30 series constant acceleration tester can also be used to determine the effect of constant acceleration on electronic devices and also be used as a high-stress test to determine the structural strength limit values.



Box-type structure eliminates security and installation foundation

Flexible control mode: fully closed-loop digital network (remote) automatic control + manual control, high control precision

Fully automatic computer remote real-time control interface + user-friendly display interface, the acceleration test can automatically complete based on the Windows system

Self-test design: the self-checking functions realized by this system mainly include function tests and accuracy test

Wide range of acceleration: acceleration tests can be realized according to different requirements of test products

Complete security protection function: there are three types of protection levels: software-level protection, electrical level protection, and mechanical level protection; completely protect the safety of the device and improve the reliability of the whole system.

The software can achieve a single section, multi-section (1-10 points continuous intersection) acceleration test control