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Lab Coat

JQ Care disposable lab coats are manufactured to meet the high quality standards, providing excellent overall protection and reliable comfort. Offered in a broad range of styles, sizes, and materials, our disposable lab coats are complemented with convenient features to ensure a custom, secure fit for various applications requiring effective protection from infectious fluids. Mid and full lab coat lengths, each with various pocket configurations, allow professionals a range of options in selecting their preferred style of disposable healthcare PPE lab coats.


We provide the nonwoven material, such as PP, SMS in various grammages, and also nonwoven waterproof materials, like PP coated by PE or Microporous film.


Why Do We Wear Lab Coats?

Lab coats provide a protective layer between you and the chemicals, solvents and other hazards in your environment. They are also a barrier to protect you against tiny particles that could contaminate the samples. Because lab coats are worn over your clothes, they also keep your clothes clean and free from contamination. Lab coats should be worn in every lab for chemical safety reasons but is especially important for anyone who works with blood or other body fluids as well as during food handling procedures.