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Latex Glove

For decades, latex gloves were the most popular disposable gloves. Nowadays, latex glove is only considered as a niche application player in the disposable glove market, because workplaces are more conscious of latex allergies.


Even so, latex glove remains an important glove material for its comfort, stretchiness, and tactile sensitivity. This makes latex rubber a popular compound among the professionals in the medical industry. This is incredibly important for work requiring extreme precision, such as surgery.


There is another good reason to choose latex gloves. Following the global environmental development strategy, the world tries to become more sustainable, latex is 100% biodegradable, so it takes a step towards a sustainable future.


What are Latex Gloves Made of?

Latex gloves are made of latex rubber. Natural latex is derived from the rubber plant Hevea brasiliensis and is a complex emulsion of proteins, sugars, oils, starches, tannins, alkaloids, resins, and gums that coagulate when exposed to the air.


The latex is relatively light weight compare other disposable gloves material, making the gloves effortlessly tangible, offering high sensitivity and dexterity.