Logitech G19 Review

The Logitech G19 has been around for almost 2 years currently, and nevertheless, it’s still one of all the best – if not the best – gaming keyboard on the market, hands down.


Sure, the newer models have some features and refinements the G19 hadn’t seen. However, at a sure point, the extra bells and whistles become merely “nice to own”.


In fact, the G19 incorporates several options that the new Logitech G510, good as it’s, lacks. Among those is the LCD panel. True, the G510 has one, however, it’s built into the chassis at a pre-selected angle.

The one in the G19 can swivel to whatever viewing angle is best for you.


The foremost noticeable feature of this keyboard, and most likely its key selling purpose is the 320×240 pixel full-color screen which boasts just as several features as the keyboard itself. Right out of the box, the game panel comes stock with these applets: