Best Gaming Mouse Pad Guide

“Should I get my fingers on a gaming mouse pad?”, or ”What should I look for?”  These are questions that many gamers might ask if they don’t own a gaming mouse pad and consider buying one.


A mouse pad is basically a surface that your mouse is gliding on, which was pretty much essential back when mice were using a trackball to track their movements:



Yup mice were rolling on that grey ball, as you can see above.


These old mice needed a surface that gave friction for the ball to roll. But today modern mice don’t utilize a tracking ball, but rather laser- or optical sensors. Therefore, a mouse pad isn’t needed on that particular case, since they do work on most surfaces.


However, there is a difference between tracking on random surfaces and tracking on optimized surfaces. Of cause, the mouse may track on a surface such as glass, but that doesn’t mean that you might enjoy it. Maybe it gives too little friction, too uncomfortable for your wrist, and so on. The issue for gamers that consider buying a mouse pad is mainly because of the material of the surface.


Yes, it is a personal issue and in some cases also a luxury issue, but having the right mouse pad with the right surface, does help you feel right when using your gaming mouse.