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Low Erection Treatment: Best Sexologist in Patna | Dr. Sunil Dubey

Are you suffering from erection problems? In fact, your penile does have an erection but it happens occasionally during your sexual activity. You are not able to understand why this type of erection occurs. You are only thirty-eight years old and occasional erections creating trouble in your sexual life.


India’s gold medalist senior sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey says that this is the second stage of erectile dysfunction. This is often referred to as weak loss of erection in men after the age of 50. Now in present times, in men under 40 years of age; this is a matter of concern. The main cause of this occasional erection may be fluctuation in testosterone sexual hormone in men.  


Causes of occasional erection in men:

Generally, if a person feels tired, anxious, frustrated and scared, it is certain that he has trouble getting an erection. Alcohol and smoking are also factors that affect erection. Erection problems can be caused by certain medications and antidepressants.

In occasional erection of penile case, a person does not get erection properly and time to time in his sexual activity. He has an occasional erection in a particular state. He does not feel comfortable in his sexual activity and suffers from anxiety disorder. In most of the cases of occasional erection, it is seen that a person has guilt or fear for his sexual activity.


Research on Erectile Dysfunction:

Dr. Sunil Dubey, the best sexologist in Patna says that he has experienced in his research that the patient with erection problems are unhealthy with their physical health. The patients with erectile dysfunction suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver problems, diabetes, hormone issues, and neurological problems. In the first stage of erectile dysfunction, the patients report that they have issues in getting or maintaining erection in their sexual activity.


Occasional erection is the second stage of erection problem and the patient suffering from this sexual dysfunction gets erection occasionally. In this situation, the role of sexual hormones (testosterone) is important and it becomes at lower level and also the whole problem of weak erection is already associated with it.


How to maintain a good erection:

If you are below 40 years of age and you face this type of erection occasionally, you should immediately consult an expert in Ayurveda and sexology medical science who provides you complete natural remedies and sexual counseling.


Dr. Sunil Dubey, the best sexologist in Bihar says that Ayurvedic medicine and treatment is pure and 100% effective solution for the sexual problems. In this condition, the sexual patients need both medication and psychological sexual counseling. He has discovered the impactful Ayurvedic medicine to the sexual patients. In today’s time, more than fifty sexual patients from all over India are availing of the treatment and medication of Dr. Sunil Dubey.


He suggests some guidelines to the patients to maintain their daily life. Those are following:-

  • Maintain a healthy diet that is natural
  • Exercise in open air every day
  • Do Cardio Vascular Exercise
  • Maintain weight in accordance with height
  • Get medical checkups time to time
  • Take proper Ayurvedic medicine
  • Avoid taking depression or anxiety
  • Connect with nature and its supplements
  • Take fruits, vegetables, and sprouts
  • Follow the guidelines of sexologist


Visit Dubey Clinic to get permanent solution to sexual problem:

If you want to get natural remedies and medicine to get rid of your sexual problem, make an appointment at Dubey Clinic. The clinic offers appointments via phone. Make it and go to the clinic.


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