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Solving ED Problem: Best Sexologist in Patna @dubeyclinic

10 million people are affected by ED every year in India:

Greetings to everyone! Nice to see you once again. At present, the problem of erectile dysfunction is increasing in large numbers in men. In fact, what is the exact cause of this common sexual dysfunction; People who are undergoing treatment for this problem are facing this situation again.


If we discuss how many people are affected by this erectile dysfunction in India, hospitals and other sources report that the common cases of ED in India are more than 10 million per year. World famous Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sunil Dubey himself treats more than five thousand erectile dysfunction patients every year in Dubey Clinic.


How does erectile dysfunction affect men?

The best sexologist in Patna Dr. Sunil Dubey says that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men are very common. It is a condition of inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. A person is unable to get proper erection due to which his libido gets affected. He becomes irritable and anxious because it questions his self-esteem.


In all the cases of erectile dysfunction, more than 70% of cases are related to penile nerve damage. In reality, the some other causes of this sexual dysfunction is physical issues that is associated with different forms like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, hormone imbalance, antidepressants, liver problems, neurological issues, alcohol, depression, and some other health-related issues.


Dr. Sunil Dubey says that erectile dysfunction is classified into two groups. The first is primary ED which is caused by psychological factors in the man. The second one is secondary ED which is common and is caused by physical problems. More than 90% of erectile dysfunction cases are secondary ED.


Bust Your Illusion of Erectile Dysfunction:

It is the duty of the sexologist doctor to clarify the cause of erectile dysfunction before treatment. This is because the causes of physical ED can be treated, but the treatment of psychological ED is difficult. The experienced and researcher of sexology medical science expert doctor can treat the psychological ED patients in a special condition.


Dr. Sunil Dubey, a world renowned Ayurvedacharya, is one of the most experienced Clinical Sexologist doctors in India who is also an expert in the medical sciences of Ayurveda and Sexology. He says that he treats more than five thousand cases of erectile dysfunction every year in which the ratio of physical ED and psychological ED is 95:05. In his treatment, he clarifies the exact cause of erectile dysfunction after that he provides his treatment and medication to them.


He is one of the most sought after and famous sexologist in Bihar as well as India. He says that naturally, he conducts physical examination of sexual patients suffering from ED which includes their medical checkup. He also conducts a psychological examination after the physical test and addresses the accurate cause of sexual patient. Really, the process of treatment to address the patient’s problem plays an important role to get their medication.


Types of Erection in men:

Dr. Sunil Dubey says that knowing the exact cause of erection in men is always helpful for a sexologist doctor during treatment. He always detects the patient’s interest and erectile stimulation. This helps them to receive psychological treatment. He says that there are three types of erection in men such as psychogenic erection, Reflexogenic erection, and nocturnal erection.


How to Solve ED and Maintain Good Sexual Health:

If we want to get permanent relief from any problem then this is a natural way and medium which provides full time solution. In case of sexual problems, this is Ayurvedic medicine and treatment that is panacea to uproot the problem and solving all the issues. The whole mechanism of natural treatment helps the sexual patients from the beginning to the ultimate time of treatment.


The most important thing is to select the right sexologist doctor. Nowadays, most of the patients are undergoing treatment for erectile dysfunction but due to low quality Ayurvedic medication and inexperienced treatment, they are not able to cure this problem successfully.


India’s top-ranked Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science Clinic- Dubey Clinic:

Dubey Clinic is India’s top-ranked Ayurvedic Sexologist clinic that has been providing its treatment and medication privileges to all types of sexual patients for a long time. This is a certified clinic of India that is exactly located at Langar Toli, Chauraha, and Patna-04. This is the first Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science Clinic of Bihar which was established in 1965. This clinic is well-equipped with basic and advanced medical equipment. It is also the biggest Ayurvedic clinic of India where more than hundred sexual patients contact Dubey Clinic every day over phone.


Mostly sexual patients from Patna, Bihar, Ranchi, Jharkhand, Hazaribagh, Jamshedpur, Kolkata, and other major cities come to Patna to get the consultation with Dr. Sunil Dubey. He helps all of them and guides them how to maintain a good sexual health and lead a married life. Due to his great impact on the wellness of sexual patients, he is honored with Bharat Gaurav Award and International Ayurveda Ratna Award. He is a highly skilled Ayurvedic Sexologist doctor in India that’s why; he is honored with gold medal for his great contribution in Ayurveda and Sexology medical science profession.


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