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Magnetic Tube

Food and pharmaceutical processing


Magnetic tube, also named a magnetic bar, magnetic rod, magnetic roll separator, is constructed with neodymium permanent magnets which require no extra energy. They can remove iron contaminants to purify the material and protect the equipment. The strong neodymium bar magnets is TIG welded, sealed, and waterproof. After 4 polishing procedures, the surface roughness reaches RA0.6 which fully meets the requirements of food and pharmaceutical production. Unlike a simple magnet, a magnetic tube consists of multiple magnets that form a magnetic circuit, improving the strength of the magnetic field by twice as much as a single magnet, thus meaning that a magnetic tube is better at absorbing fine particles. Leyuan, as one of the magnetic bar manufacturers, offers heavy-duty permanent magnet bars of different shapes, including round bar magnet, a rectangular bar magnet, long rod magnets, and large bar magnets.


As one of the most professional magnetic bar suppliers from China, Leyuan has strong bar magnets for sale. If you want to buy a bar magnet or want to know our other product information such as grid magnet, magnetic grate separators, powerful bar magnet, permanent magnet bar, rare earth rod magnets, liquid line magnetic separator, and heavy-duty bar magnets, please contact Leyuan or leave a message through our website.


Types of Magnetic Tube for Sale

Leyuan Various endplugs for magnet tube

Leyuan Square permanent magnet bar

Leyuan Screw hole in magnetic roll separator

Leyuan Magnetic round bar with one eye

Leyuan Rare earth rod magnets with handle

Leyuan Powerful bar magnet with dam-board



The Specification of Magnetic Tube

1. Housing Material




Stainless steel 304

Stainless steel 304L

Widley used in most applications


Stainless steel 316L

Stainless steel 316L More corrosion resistance, and are used in food and pharmaceutical industries.


2. Working Temperature


Magnet Type

Working Temperature

Neodymium Magnets N Grade


Neodymium magnets M Grade


Neodymium magnets H Grade


Neodymium magnets SH Grade


Neodymium magnets UH Grade


Neodymium magnets EH Grade


Samarium Cobalt Magnets



3. Magnetic tube’s size


The relationship between conventional size, working temperature, and corresponding maximum surface gauss.


4. Magnetic tube’s Length


Custom and made to any length


5. Surface Gauss value


Finite element models can calculate the strength of a magnetic field. It is quite difficult, but practical we use the value below:


Dry Powder:8000 Gauss


Wet Slurry:10000 Gauss


Nanometer Particles:over 12000 Gauss


6. Endplugs Installation of Magnetic roll separators


Various end plugs based on your requirements, The most common are the following:

Taped Holes


Threaded Studs


Plain Ends


The Advantages of Magnetic Tube

1. Polishing meet food or pharmaceutical processing


After 4 polishing procedures, the surface roughness reaches RA0.6


2. Installation Verticality


When the magnetic bar is fixed vertically to the flat plate, the end face of the magnetic bar must be closely attached to the flat plate. We have one more process than other suppliers, which can eliminate this deviation.