Alu Extrusion

Alu Extrusion includes bending, piercing, notching and welding. Premium’s experience experts can also help with standard, custom shapes, and designs for various businesses and industries.


We will delivery your aluminum extrusions to the exact specifications as required, helping to save your time and cost.


Premium’s Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities

We have a wise range of aluminum extrusion capabilities allows us to serve serve a diverse OEM customer base.

Standard and custom extrusion service

Multiple direct extrusion presses machine

6000-series aluminum alloys

Closed loop extrusion speed controls

Weight per foot range from 0.015 to 3.5 kgs and Circle size up to 20cm

Extrusion recipe system setting


Advantages of Our Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is much more cost-effective due to the lower tooling costs involved. Plus, parts made with the extrusion process can be just strong and rigid.


Below are a few of the main advantages offered by aluminum extrusion.