Gallianz is a leading manufacturer of metal clad plates in the world, and we are also specialized in different kinds of metal clad products, for example: Clad Tube Sheet, Clad Pipe, Clad Head, Clad U-bar, Clad Flange, etc, which are very widely used in different industries. These metal clad products are manufactured with two or more metals by advanced technologies. Therefore, Our clad products include the compound metals superior properties. They are increasingly hunting for cost saving solutions and high performances. High quality, Best Service for you!


How Are Metal Clad Products Manufactured?

Metal clad products can be manufactured through two main processes: explosion bonding and roll bonding. Explosion bonding involves subjecting the metals to a high-energy explosion, which creates a metallurgical bond between them. Roll bonding passes the metals through a rolling mill under high pressure to achieve a solid bond. These processes ensure the layers of different metals are securely bonded together.


Can Metal Clad Products Be Customized?

Yes, metal clad products can be customized to meet specific requirements. Manufacturers can tailor the composition, thickness, and dimensions of the cladding layers to suit the needs of the application. Customizations may also include specific surface finishes, coatings, or treatments to enhance functionality, aesthetics, or other desired properties.


Customization options for metal clad products depend on factors such as the base metals and cladding materials being used, the manufacturing process employed, and specific customer requirements. By collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers who specialize in metal clad products, customers can work closely to define their specific needs and develop customized solutions.


Whether it is adjusting the thickness of the cladding layers, selecting specific alloys or materials for the cladding, or incorporating unique surface treatments, customization allows for the optimization of metal clad products for a wide range of applications across various industries.