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MDHC Deep Well Plate

MDHC 96 and 384 well plates are available in different well sizes, well shapes, and well bottom shapes to meet all your possible application needs. Choosing the right multiwell plate can help you avoid issues such as missing data points, duplicate runs of samples, and missed project deadlines, and helping you obtain high-quality data for the most common screening challenges.


Various Deep Well Plate for Your Selection


96 Deep Well Plate

MDHC Deep well plate is ideal for use as a collection plate for Nunc filter plates Storage plates for compounds, samples, or biomolecules A round bottom hole reduces liquid carryover Natural color Custom barcode service available


Deep Well Plate Possible Uses


Deep Well Plates for Mixing

MDHC Deep well plates feature shared wall technology for increased storage capacity and improved mixing. Ideal for sample collection, storage, combinatorial chemistry, and library applications.


Deep Well Plate Suitable for Most Materials

Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, and alcohols used in combinatorial chemistry.