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MDHC PCR Tubes manufactured from medical-grade polypropylene.


A positive click on closing gives assurance that tubes are fully closed.


Ultra-thin walls ensure efficient thermal transfer and maximum yield.


MDHC PCR tubes have attached caps. They provide optimal sealing which minimizes fluid loss through evaporation. The caps are easy to open and close without tools, ensure a tight fit to reduce sample evaporation.


Various PCR Tubes for Your Selection


8 Strip PCR Tube

A range of different types of PCR strip caps are available separately, so you can mix and match tube and cap styles to suit your needs.


PCR Tube Possible Uses


PCR Tubes for Thermal Cyclers

PCR tubes are designed for an optimal fit in all commonly used thermal cyclers. The ultra-thin wall allows precise thermal transfer. Flat and frosted cap for labeling.


PCR Tubes Are Flexible

They offer great flexibility in opening and closing repeatedly. The tubes are very well suited for centrifugation purposes and thermal cycling applications.