Metal Roofing

Metal roofing application:

The colored metal roofing sheet like ppgi roofing sheet coil employed the colored metal roof coating. The procedures of galvanized roof coating is first choosing the high-strength steel plate as the base material, then the surface is treated with chromic acid, aluminum, and corrosion-resistant resin.


Colored galvalume roofing sheet becomes a good building material with strong, shock-resistant, acid-base, moisture-proof, fire-proof, and other advantages. With the rapid development of roofing materials, the application of PPGI corrugated sheet in roofing ion is more and more widely.


With the advantages of large span, fast installation, easy to assemble and disassemble, good roofing sheet coil price, our colour coated steel is favored by industrial and mining enterprises, and the matching color steel plate engineering has also been widely used.


According to the understanding and practical experience of color coated steel plate roofing, from the aspects of corrosion resistance, self waterproof ability, thermal insulation, waterproof.